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Trump Says 'Everything Was Declassified' in Boxes Seized From Mar-a-Lago

In a new interview with Fox News, former President Donald Trump addressed the boxes of documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago resort. He said that "everything was declassified" and that he had been "very busy" sorting through them.

Trump was responding to questions from Fox News anchor Bret Baier about why he hadn't returned all of the classified documents. The former president said that he had been too busy to go through the boxes himself, but that they were all declassified.

The interview comes after a recent indictment against Trump for obstruction of justice related to the seizure of the documents. Democrats have called for an investigation into what was contained in the boxes, but Trump has denied any wrongdoing and has maintained his innocence throughout the process.

Trump also used the opportunity to criticize Democrats for their handling of the situation, saying they were using it as an excuse to target him politically. He also accused them of trying to "steal" the election by launching investigations into his administration and businesses.

The interview is part of a series of town halls hosted by Fox News in Iowa featuring former President Donald Trump. It marks his first sit down with a major news outlet since leaving office earlier this year.

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