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TSA Brings Facial Recognition Scanners to US Airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now using facial recognition scanners in airports across the United States. This technology uses infrared and facial recognition software to quickly identify passengers and ensure their safety. The scanners are able to detect a person's identity by analyzing their face geometry, such as the distance from forehead to chin, the distance between eyes, bridge of the nose, and other key factors.

The facial recognition system works by comparing patterns based on a person's face with those stored in a database. This allows for quick identification of individuals without having to manually check each passenger's ID or passport. Additionally, it can help reduce wait times at security checkpoints since there is no need for manual verification.

The use of facial recognition scanners has been met with some controversy due to privacy concerns. Some worry that this technology could be used to track people's movements or even be used for surveillance purposes. However, the TSA has stated that they take measures to protect passengers' privacy and that all data collected is securely stored and not shared with third parties.

Overall, facial recognition scanners can be used as a surveillance tool by the government, many U.S. citizens have a huge concern about this, we'll see if this is something that will be mandatory or it's something you can opted out of doing.

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