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Tucker Carlson Makes First Statement Since His Departure at Fox News

After his departure from Fox News earlier this week, Tucker Carlson has finally broken his silence. In a statement released today, Carlson expressed his gratitude to the network and his fans for their support during his time at the channel.

Carlson, a conservative political commentator and television personality, served as the host of Fox News Channel's flagship primetime program, Tucker Carlson Tonight, for several years. His departure came as a shock to many, with some speculating that it was linked to the network's recent $787 million settlement.

Despite his departure, Carlson has remained a popular figure among his supporters, who eagerly awaited his first public statement. He was reportedly offered a $25 million dollar contract to join the OANN network.

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While Carlson's next move remains unknown, his fans are eager to see what the future holds for the conservative commentator. In the meantime, they are rallying around him on social media platforms, with the hashtag #WeStandWithTucker trending nationwide.

As one of the most prominent voices in conservative media, Carlson's departure from Fox News marks the end of an era. However, his message today serves as a reminder that his legacy and impact will live on.

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