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Twitter Removes Tweet From FL SG On New Covid Vaxx Recommendation, Then Adds It Back Do To Outcry

Censorship continues on one of the biggest social media platforms, Twitter has removed a tweet from Florida’s Surgeon General, recommending against the COVID-19 vaccine. The outcry on the platform has been major.

On Friday, Joseph Ladapo made a historic announcement, and told the world that he and The Florida Department of Health have new guidance regarding the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and will now recommend against it for 18-39-year-olds.

The recommendation comes after finding an 84% increase in cardiac related deaths among that age group within 28 days of receiving the vaccine.

UPDATE: After many on social media complained about the removal of the tweet, it seems like Twitter listened and has now added the post back on Ladapo’s page.

Ladapo's Twitter Page:

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