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UFO-Like Cloud Hovers Over Turkey (VIDEO)

Residents of Bursa, Turkey were shocked when a massive lenticular cloud resembling a UFO appeared in the sky on January 19th. The strange formation, known as a lens cloud, is caused by atmospheric conditions and can create an optical illusion that tricks viewers into thinking it looks like a UFO.

The bizarre cloud drew amazement from citizens who captured the spectacle on video and shared it on social media. It was quickly picked up by news outlets around the world and went viral due to its shape and size.

Lens clouds form when stable air is forced over mountains or hills, creating an area of low pressure behind them. This causes moisture in the air to condense into droplets which then form clouds. These clouds are usually stationary, which gives them their distinct shape and makes them appear to hover in the sky like a UFO.

The phenomenon has been seen all over the world but it's not often that they take such an alien-like form as this one did in Turkey. While some may be tempted to speculate about extraterrestrial visitors, scientists assure us that these clouds are completely natural and harmless.

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