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US Senator Ted Cruz is still Bullish on Bitcoin and Bought the Dip

Texas senator Ted Cruz is one of the latest politicians to publicly state his support for Bitcoin. In a recent policy conference, he affirmed his strong belief in the cryptocurrency, stating that he is "incredibly bullish" on Bitcoin. He also revealed that he has been buying it periodically, particularly when the price dips.

Cruz's affinity for Bitcoin is not new. In early 2022, he disclosed that he had bought between $15,001 to $50,000 worth of Bitcoin on January 25, as reported by CNBC. He bought it during the dip that the cryptocurrency experienced after reaching an all-time high. In a financial disclosure filed on 4th February 2022, he increased his investment, admitting to buying more Bitcoin during the dip.

Cruz's unapologetic bullishness on Bitcoin has caught the attention of the crypto community, particularly those that have been using it as a store of value. The senator's support for Bitcoin could become a powerful ally for cryptocurrencies. He is a well-known figure in American politics, and his unwavering interest in Bitcoin could be influential in shaping future crypto regulations. As The Street reports, his investment in Bitcoin and his support of it could make him a vital ally for the cryptocurrency industry.

As Cruz's confidence in Bitcoin continues to grow, he is becoming a more vocal supporter of other cryptocurrencies as well. In a recent crusade, he urged vending machines in Capitol Hill to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin so that lawmakers could buy their snacks with it, as reported by Coindesk. He is also encouraging his colleagues to see the value of blockchain technology and its potential to combat corruption in government.

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