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USDA Now Asking People to Register Their Vegetable Gardens for National Database

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently announced that they are now asking people to register their vegetable gardens for a national database. This move is part of the USDA's “People's Garden” initiative, which seeks to foster a more diverse and sustainable food system.

The initiative will send a “People's Garden” sign to each garden and invite continued engagement through photos and information sharing. The supposed goal is to create a map of healthy food sources across the country, with the hope that this will lead to healthier eating habits for individuals and communities alike.

The USDA also hopes that this initiative will help support local farmers and encourage people to grow their own food. By registering their gardens, individuals can become part of a larger network of gardeners and share tips on how to grow vegetables in different climates or soil types.

In addition, the USDA wants people to register their gardens so that they can be included in research studies about gardening practices and trends. This data could potentially be used by researchers to develop new methods for growing vegetables or improving nutrition in communities across the country.

Many Americans are very skeptical about this move from the Biden administration, some believe this is for the government to keep track of who's gardening and not, to monitor and control what they grow and how they grow, for so-called "climate-change" reasons.

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