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Virginia Dems want to make it a felony for parents who do not affirm their child’s gender identity

A Virginia Democrats plans to introduce legislation in the state's upcoming legislative session that would make it a felony or misdemeanor for parents who do not affirm their child's sexual orientation and gender identity.

Students in Virginia have staged a walkout to voice their displeasure over Governor Glenn Youngkin's new plan for handling transgender students at school.

Gov. Youngkin stated that school districts and administrators shouldn't keep parents in the dark about their child's sexual orientation or gender identity, and most parents agree with the governor on that issue.

Elizabeth Guzman, a Democratic Virginia Delegate, plans on taking legislative measures in regards to Youngkin's proposed model policy on the treatment of transgender students at Virginia schools.

“The day that Governor Youngkin wanted to implement this policy, I immediately texted the policy lead of that committee and said, this is how we're going to push back,” Guzman told 7News.

If this bill passes, it would mean that parents who do not support their child's gender identity or sexual orientation could be charged with child abuse.

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