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Hollywood’s Liberal Agenda Against Black Men

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Hollywood is portraying Black men as members of the LGBT community and erasing the heterosexual Black man.

Maxine Jordan

Tue, August 30th, 2022

The media’s attempt at portraying diversity is quickly making an alarming transition. Movies, television shows, and advertisements are replacing heterosexual Black men characters with homosexual Black men. While straight Black women get more and more leading roles, as they should, they are now more commonly seen in marriages with heterosexual White men. The only Black men casted are playing the role of a gay or bisexual cousin or brother for representing of the LGBTQ community.

There have long been calls for the media to show more diversity in advertisements, television, music, and movies. The phrase “representation matters” has spread like wildfire recently. It means that we don’t just want to see straight White males on TV playing all of the leading roles.

Of course the media has been trying to combat this for decades. Hollywood started to cast more people of color in leading roles or supporting roles that do not simply perpetuate stereotypes. But the latest trend that media is using to represent the LGBTQ community is one that needs a closer look. The media is almost exclusively replacing heterosexual Blackmen with homosexual Blackmen.

But recently Black solidarity and the fight against racism have been swallowed by the LGBTQ movement so much so that the Black power solidarity fist has been implanted in the middle of the rainbow flag. In order to cast a Black man, he must be gay. Where a Black woman plays the role of a wife, she must be married to a straight White man. White people want to show LGBTQ people in roles but they don’t want them to be White.

White media is known for casting safe, non-threatening, not too masculine, Blackmen in major roles in major films. Is this the gay black man the latest version of the safe black man? Why is there a war against heterosexual Blackmen in media?

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