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World Boxing Council to establish separate transgender league in 2023 that supports 'at birth' rule

Mauricio Sulaiman, the president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), recently announced that the WBC has plans to expand its sport to allow transgender athletes to participate. In an interview with The Telegraph, Sulaiman said that their goal is safety and inclusion.

In order to ensure safety and fairness in competition, Sulaiman outlined that there will be no “gray area,” and a man transitioning to woman or vice versa will never be allowed to fight someone of their birth gender.

He also said that in 2023, the WBC plans on holding a global call in order to engage interest from potential transgender participants. It is likely that this process will be overseen by a league and tournament customized with special protocols for transgender athletes.

This announcement comes as an important step in creating more inclusive spaces for transgender people within boxing. Gender transition is not a new issue within sports, but there has been difficulty in developing policies applicable across all disciplines.

The WBC's decision provides an opportunity for further discussion and policy development within boxing specifically.

At present, details on when exactly the global call will be made are yet to be released; however it certainly signals progress towards greater inclusion of transgender individuals into competitive sports.

The WBC's plan looks set to become a major milestone for trans rights that will upset many on both sides.

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