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World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon Dies At Age 118

The world was recently saddened to learn of the passing of Sister Andre, also known as Lucile Randon, the world's oldest known person who died at the incredible age of 118. 

Born in France on February 11th, 1904, Sister Andre had two brothers who were fortunate enough to return home from World War I alive. When she was 26 years old, Sister Andre converted to Catholicism and 41 years later she joined the Daughters of Charity order of nuns, a religious order founded in 1633 by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac for the service of the sick and poor. 

For 31 years she worked in a hospital in Vichy before moving to Toulon along the Mediterranean coast where she spent her later life days punctuated with prayer, mealtimes, and visits from hospice workers until her death this week. Even despite being blind with relying on a wheelchair for mobility, Sister Andre cared for elderly people much younger than herself up until 108-years-old saying that “people should help each other” instead of hating one another if things were better overall. Her motto aimed to foster happiness and peace which would be beneficial for all mankind.

Sister Andre's message has been observed by many throughout her time at Toulon. Appearing outside her residence every morning dressed in her black habit and rosary beads for all to see, she is described as having always radiated light and hopes no matter what age she was or how many hardships life threw at her. It has been reported by hospice workers who visited her regularly that even during her final days on Earth she still managed to show love to those around her despite being bedridden due to various illnesses associated with old age. 

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